Simple Open Source Hacks!

Are you an open source enthusiast?  Are you a Linux user then here are small and simple techniques which are very interesting. If you are a person who often forget things like date and time then you could just open your terminal and type the below command.

$ date

I have so much of difficulty in opening up a file and searching for a small line, well not any more since I have the grep with me.The below command line would give all possible results of the data files and lines in that file which contain the word “Hello”. It has the same functionality as that of “Ctrl + F”.

$ grep “Hello”

I has always been very interesting to use the df -h command line which could help us to get the data on how much amount of space been utilized by the disks. It just a matter of few seconds.

$df -h

Not always the disk space will be showing the true command. Sometimes you get the wrong data, for that it is always better to use $df -i

We have always tried to hide those secret files of ours from anyone who uses our system. What if you want to check on to another person’s files. In linux its very easy. Use the alpahbet -a to list them.

$ls -a

There are still many more commands that help you. Its even possible for you to get an idea about a story which you have never read. You may think it is impossible but it is possible!

” Belive in the impossible and then you will become the impossible “


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