Stay in any one!

I have spent enough of my time thinking about solving a particular issue, that I was working on from morning. I have been in front of the system trying to solve it without rest. Well, I haven’t figured a solution yet for the issue. But I figured a solution on how I could solve the issue by changing the way I think.

We human beings are having two possible ways in which our mind can think. They are the focused and the diffused ways.

Imagine you are working on a project, learning something new probably you need to put a lot of effort, we tend to remain more focused. This is where pinball mind is in the focused mode. This can be compared to the playing a pinball game, basically, a pinball game is where you are having a ball running over and hitting some rubber sockets. Let the rubber sockets remain close to each other as shown in the below figure.


Imagine you are exercising or  hearing a music, this can set you to a diffuse mode of working. We could imagine the pinball game to be more like having lots of spaces between the rubber sockets.


Some people think that learning can take place only in the focused mode, but well it is wrong. Best results are achieved when you are in the diffuse mode. A diffused mode simply means to be in a relaxed mode. Your brain gets to travel a lot freely and find lot of solutions.

A person cannot be in both Focussed and Diffused mode in the same time.

This is one way by which you can Learn how to Learn!

Go fast and enroll in course era for this course “Learning how to Learn” if you want to know more ! Happy Learning:)


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